Twilio - Client Base and Growth Prospects

Twilio is a developer-centric communication. We’ve already briefed you about twilio and how it’s changing the world around us. See the link below:

Twilio’s ambitious approach is reflected in their aggressive marketing strategy, their concentration towards platform evangelism is appreciable, by taking this approach they have attracted many big companies and individual users alike. Companies like ebay use twilio for efficiency, StubHub which the biggest online buying and selling place for tickets uses twilio to automatically make time sensitive phone calls to sellers to ensure the availability of tickets prior to an event, a workflow that used to require a great deal of manual intervention.

Uber makes use of twilio technology to let the customers know about the ride in real time through SMS services. This saves up essential time if the customer requests a change of location or the ride is cancelled for some reason. The CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick agrees that there has been a marked difference in the service before and after twilio.

Twilio is not only working with the big guns but is a prominent choice in startups too. Twilio is active in venture funding for those who need help starting up, especially the ventures using Twilio technology.

Moreover, twilio is constantly improving its features, some of them are worth mentioning are listed below:

  • Phone- Phone Numbers API
  • Phone- Convert Text to Speech and Play Audio
  • Phone- API Queueing
  • Phone- Convert Speech to Text
  • Phone- Usage API
  • Phone- Global Reach
  • SMS- Supports Unicode
  • SMS- Message Queueing
  • SMS- Realtime API
  • SMS- Global Reach
  • SMS- Usage metering & API triggers
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Call tracking
  • Voice broadcasting
  • Cloud IVR