Play Lingo in JavaScript

Last friday at creanyx we started our official hackdays and we created a fix for contact sharing Source

This friday we came up with an idea for creating a TV show game by the name of Lingo in JavaScript. So we fired our jetpacks and did a hack session. I was working on the front end mechanics while Ahmad was working on the back end mechanics of the game.

The rules of the games are very simple.

  • You have to judge a five letter word with a 5 chances in hand.
  • Only first letter is given to you as a starting point.
  • As an example if the word is "water" you will be given with w to start with.
  • You make a guess and add the following letters, let's say you type in "wound".
  • On pressing Enter the system will process your input.
  • As "wound" only matches "water" with a single letter which is "w" the system will show all the letters except "w" in red.
  • If you have entered "waste" then the system have shown you "wa" in green.
  • If your letter is present in the final word but is not on the right location then it will be shown in blue background. This is giving you a hint that the letter is present and you can think of any other which contains the letter on a different position.
  • Once you judge the correct the right word you will see a congratulations message.
  • Or you can play again by pressing the playagain button.

Here is the screen shot in action.


Ali joined us in this hack and was supporting us morally.


You can find out the source code of our hack at Github.