Giving Back to Our Society

Picture this: Your child fell, he’s bleeding profusely, you’re caught unaware. What do you do? Or you went out for shopping and reach down to your pocket only to find out you’re out of cash. Oops! There have been times when you were on your way to office and forgot to check the fuel gauge in hurry. The fuel finished, your car didn't start and now were getting late for the office and you see no fuel station near by. Or may be you were out of town for a business meeting, you had to offer prayer and you don’t know of any nearby mosque.

We recognized this problem and saw it as an opportunity to develop a text message service that will solve all these problems for you. In search of a nearby hospital? An ATM? Fuel station? or a mosque? Now, you don't have to worry, We’ve made it easier for you. Presenting to you drum Roll the text message application service, which we developed on our hack day. All you have to do is type in an SMS :

  • nearest ATM
  • nearest FUEL
  • nearest HOSP
  • nearest MOSQ