Experience at Creanyx

I was terrified about how would I adjust in an actual corporate world as internship at CREANYX was my first ever step into the corporate world. I had underestimated myself for years that is why I couldn't muster up courage to step in before. Finally, I did and I was amazed at the warmth that I received at CREANYX and also amazed at my own capabilities. I was an amateur, didn’t even know how to use google drive to prepare documents but I was never snubbed or seen with a look of disgust, in fact I was taught basics of this level so I grasped them quickly. There were many other things throughout my tenure that I did not know but I was rightly guided by sir Shakeel and I was able to complete my tasks then.

I’m a very shy person, basically an introvert, for me interacting and communicating with new people has always been difficult but I’m glad I was able to control this problem here at CREANYX. To my surprize I was assigned an HR position where the main task was to hire and manage new people. In the hiring process I had to interact with many new people and had to make a lot of calls to strangers out there,my heart would beat fast but I tried not to let anyone know and showed professionalism at my work.

Although there were all males in the office I was the only female, still I did not face any problem because of them. Everyone was respectful to me, they were supportive and overall my experience was very smooth. I was never loaded with too much work and was excused to come late when I had to go to my university for some work. The best thing about CREANYX is that employees and their needs are understood here, everyone feels free and empowered. CREANYX gives you an environment of home where Abdur Rehman bhai treats you like his child and get you whatever you need.

I only had a chance to interact with sir Shakeel and Sir Usman from the management, I’ve observed them a lot and there are many things that I will take as an inspiration from them. In the end I would say I REALLY NEEDED THIS INTERNSHIP.Today when my internship ends I’m a different person than what I was when it started. I thank Sir Shakeel for believing in me although I knew nothing but I managed it some how.