How Twilio is Changing the World

In a world like today, can we even think of sitting in front of a person silently, no words no actions and still assume that he would understand what we want to say? Obviously not! This is the power of communication today. Communication has become as important as a basic need, in fact I would call it a basic need. One cannot survive without communicating with others whether in his personal life or in terms of business and this need has been captured by Twilio.For a business it must have data of facts and statistics about its operations and its potential customers, only then it can serve its purpose of being.

Twilio is a giant company based in San Francisco, California that provides cloud API for web developers to interact and built up unique and need-satisfying communication systems. They make communication so easy and effective which not only satisfies the customers but also provides constant feedback to the company which automatically increases productivity.

Twilio has changed the world through its next level voice and text message applications. These are some of the solutions that Twilio has provided :

  • Builds voice applications for a worldwide network and controlling , making and receiving calls through one API.
  • Provides a text message service, generating SMS to and from a applications to mobile, short code, toll free and local numbers at local rates that are way cheaper.
  • SKDs and real time infrastructure for video chatting in mobile and web applications.
  • Send and receive more than 30 SMS from a 5-6 digit phone number in Canada, USA and UK.

Coca Cola is one of the customers of Twilio that uses the Twilio SMS service. When cafes and restaurants have problem with the vending machines or require refills, they call Coca Cola enterprise. And when Coca Cola has to send a technician to their customers they appoint the right technician using this Twilio SMS to fix the problem .